Land use planning

TitleLand use planning
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1975
AuthorsDeets, N. A.
Conference Name43rd Annual Western Snow Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 43rd Annual Western Snow Conference
Date PublishedApril 1975
PublisherWestern Snow Conference
Conference LocationCoronado, California
KeywordsLand use management, Land use planning, Watershed basin analysis

Utah has made an effort to utilize and develop the state's water resources. These efforts started in 1902 with passage of the Reclamation Act and continued through Central Utah Water Conservancy District formed in 1964.Because of conflicting ideas regarding development of water is is essential to develop a comprehensive land use plan.To develop such a plan an interdisciplinary team approach was used. The area was then divided into similar geologic and geomorphic characteristics. Each area was then inventoried utilizing the team.