A comparison of three snowmelt prediction models

TitleA comparison of three snowmelt prediction models
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1978
AuthorsHaverly, B. A., Wolford R. A., and Brooks K. N.
Conference Name46th Annual Western Snow Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 46th Annual Western Snow Conference
Date PublishedApril 1978
PublisherWestern Snow Conference
Conference LocationOtter Rock, Oregon
KeywordsModel evaluation, Water supply forecasting

A comparison of three snowmelt models is presented to provide a basis for snowmelt and related runoff predictions in Minnesota. The three models, representing three levels of complexity, were: (1) an accumulated Degree Day Model, (2) the Corps of Engineer's Generalized Snowmelt Equations, and (3) a modified Leaf-Brink Snowmelt Model. The overall objective of this study was to determine the accuracy of each of the three modeling techniques relative to their data requirements. The availability and measurement problems of required input data for each model were investigated for streamflow forecasting applications and hydrologic studies. The potential application of snowmelt simulation results to hydrologic runoff models is also discussed.