Progress and conduct of California cooperative snow surveys

TitleProgress and conduct of California cooperative snow surveys
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1933
AuthorsStafford, H. M.
Conference Name1st Annual Western Interstate Snow Survey Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 1st Annual Western Interstate Snow Survey Conference
Date PublishedFebruary 1933
PublisherUniversity of Nevada, Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin
Conference LocationReno, Nevada
KeywordsFinancing snow surveys, History-snow surveys, Water supply forecasting

A brief history of snow surveying in California and the legislative action creating the California Cooperative Snow Survey Program is presented. Details of financing the initial program is discussed along with cooperation arrangements of Federal, State, private irrigation and power companies, municipal water departments are discussed. Field procedures and equipment used together with instruction methods and procedures of stocking shelter cabins are discusses. A list of cooperators who are servicing some 134 snow survey courses is shown. Water Supply Forecasting procedures are described using tentative normals of snow data for the percentage or index methods are discussed. A tabulation of forecast accuracy is shown. Procedures for publication and disseminating current data are explained. A discussion of problem areas and river basins is included.