The Stevens annual snow and rain recorder

TitleThe Stevens annual snow and rain recorder
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1934
AuthorsStevens, J. C.
Conference Name2nd Annual Western Interstate Snow Survey Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 2nd Annual Western Interstate Snow Survey Conference
Date PublishedJune 1934
PublisherAmerican Geophysical Union, Transactions 15:
Conference LocationBerkeley, California
KeywordsPrecipitation gage

A description of a new automatic rain and snowfall record-gage is presented. (Shown in photograph). This instrument is designed to record a winter season catch of precipitation and print the resulting amounts on a graph. The receptacle has a capacity of 100 inches of precipitation either rain or snow. The receptacle is originally charged with a calcium chloride solution to prevent freezing and an oil film to prevent evaporation. The receptacle is balanced on a weighing frame and the weighing beam is kept in balance by a reversible motor that keeps the weighing ‘Paul’ constantly in balance. The weights are recorded on a weight driven ‘Stevens Type 30’ water-stage recorder. A wind motor provides current and charges batteries. The instrument is designed for isolated locations. The manufacturer; Leupold, Volpel Company, Portland, Oregon. Later years Leupold-Stevens Instrument Company.