Atmospheric water resources research summer hydrology of the high Sierra

TitleAtmospheric water resources research summer hydrology of the high Sierra
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1967
AuthorsHannaford, J. F., and Williams M. C.
Conference Name35th Annual Western Snow Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 35th Annual Western Snow Conference
Date PublishedApril 1967
PublisherWestern Snow Conference
Conference LocationBoise, Idaho
KeywordsHydrology flow analysis

A Progress report is presented for a hydrologic study dealing with the runoff produced by summer precipitation over the High Sierra, from the Kern River Basin north through the Mokelumne River basin. This study was necessary to complete the knowledge of the hydrologic cycle for the runoff from the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains western slope. Data are presented of precipitation and runoff data from gaging stations as shown. Runoff analysis is shown graphically covering some 35 stations for a period of 25 years, 1940-64. The time period of the year ran from the end of snowmelt to the beginning of each snow season. Items covered are: hydrograph characteristics; volume of runoff; timing; storm characteristics; and precipitation values. All items are discussed in the text of the paper.