Whither snow surveys?

TitleWhither snow surveys?
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1941
AuthorsConkling, H.
Conference Name9th Annual Western Interstate Snow Survey Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 9th Annual Western Interstate Snow Survey Conference
Date PublishedJanuary 1941
PublisherAmerican Geophysical Union, Transactions, Part I-B:
Conference LocationSacramento, California
KeywordsHistory snow surveys

A history of the Snow Survey Program in the State of California is presented. Details of the early cooperation with Dr. J.E. Church back in 1917 and progress of this work until a final beginning of a California State Cooperative Snow Survey Program in 1929, under the leadership of Harlowe M. Stafford. The establishment of snow survey courses in most of the major stream drainage basins was started and supplemented with precipitation stations in the lower altitudes, the collection of historical records was begun and analysis work for forecasting formulas was started. Fred H. Paget was assigned to this project in 1935. Mention is made of the West Wide Snow Survey and Water Forecast Program started by the Dept. of Agriculture in 1935.Dr. J.E. Church in discussion lists the formation of Snow Survey Programs throughout the United States, chronologically beginning with Charles E. Mixer in 1900 through 1938.