Simulating snowmelt hydrographs for the Fraser River system

TitleSimulating snowmelt hydrographs for the Fraser River system
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1970
AuthorsPipes, A., Quick M. C., and Russell S. O.
Conference Name38th Annual Western Snow Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 38th Annual Western Snow Conference
Date PublishedApril 1970
PublisherWestern Snow Conference
Conference LocationVictoria, British Columbia
KeywordsFlood prediction, Model, Simulation, Snowmelt runoff

The long term goal of a study presently underway at the University of British Columbia is to develop a simulation model of the Fraser River system for research and teaching purposes. The model will be used to estimate the consequences of storage reservoirs in the river system and simulate discharge from readily available meteorological data for purposes of flood forecasting and evaluating the impact of critical meteorological patterns.The study consists of two main phases: simulation of discharge from relatively small basins and routing of flows down the river channels. Techniques which are being used are described in the paper.