Estimating precipitation at San Francisco from concurrent meteorological variables

TitleEstimating precipitation at San Francisco from concurrent meteorological variables
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1952
AuthorsJorgensen, D. L.
Conference Name20th Annual Western Snow Conference
Series TitleProceedings of the 20th Annual Western Snow Conference
Date PublishedApril 1952
PublisherWestern Snow Conference
Conference LocationSacramento, California
KeywordsEvaluation of weather modification, Methods of weather modification, Weather modification

A study of meteorological factors responsible for producing rainfall is presented, and especially designed to develop a procedure for evaluating weather modification by the use of silver iodide generators. The main objective being to determine if rainfall would have occurred from a given set of atmospherical conditions without cloud seeding and if so, how much more was due to the artificial triggering. Upper-air masses at 400 and 700 mb. With open and closed low storm centers are plotted on scatter diagrams. Results are computed by probability theories and amounts of rainfall are snow. These data are compared to 12 and 24 hour amounts and monthly totals were computed by observed data.In discussion Dr. J. Neyman confines his remarks to the statistical probabilities and the procedures used in the paper and states that advance work will be forthcoming.